Koss noise reduction headphones

There are certain Koss noise reduction headphones that are truly cheap and yet offer very good sound quality. The Koss QZ 50 is a case in point as these Koss noise reduction headphones are the cheapest among all active noise reduction headphones being offered by the company. At the same time, the Koss QZ 50 offers acceptable sound quality and being so affordably priced, they offer you an excellent option.

Koss noise reduction headphones

Noise reduction headphones -The Koss QZ 50 noise reduction headphones

The QZ 50 is capable of reducing low frequency ambient sounds by fifteen decibels and it also offers frequency response of 30 to 20,000 hertz. In addition, these Koss noise reduction headphones are able to offer less than .3 percent distortion. Such features help to ensure that the headphones will work excellently with your portable media players which have low amounts of power output.

Two different types to choose from

When looking for Koss noise reduction headphones, you will find that the company offers two different types which are the active noise reduction headphones and the passive noise reduction headphones. The latter kind work by blocking out noise by actually sealing the ears from any kind of external noise. Active noise reduction headphone models from Koss, on the other hand, will actually take external sounds and cancel these. However, the only sounds that can be cancelled are those that are in the lower frequency range.

Creates a shield

According to the company, Koss creates active noise reduction headphones that will create a shield that is invisible and which exists between the sound and the wearer’s ears. This is done by most such Koss noise reduction headphones that will stop the low frequency sounds from reaching the wearer’s ears. In addition, Koss noise reduction headphones that make use of active noise reduction technology will also use small sized microphones which are embedded in the ear cups.

These microphones will then read low frequency sounds from the surroundings and will then send information about such signals to the processor. This processor then creates mirror anti-waves that are then relayed to the Koss noise reduction headphones. The sound waves from external sounds will be cancelled out by the sound waves produced by the headphones and in this way the wearer is protected from those external sounds.

When checking the QZ 50 headphones from Koss, you will notice that the earphones are of the same diameter as a person’s ears but are also very thick. These earpieces will then be connected by a headband. The earpiece will have a microphone attached to it on its outside and this microphone will then pick up ambient noises and the data from such noises will be used to cancel out the sound.

These Koss noise reduction headphones also have a switch which allows you to turn on and turn off the noise reduction feature. When the feature is switched on a red coloured LED will switch on and at the same time the noise reduction circuitry will also be activated. The QZ 50 is one of the best and cheapest of all Koss noise reduction headphones are well worth buying. They are available for a low price of about 25 plus pounds.