Active Noise Reduction Headphones

Active noise reduction headphones are readily available but before actually purchasing these headphones it is important for you to spend some time and effort in finding out more about what active noise reduction is and how active noise reduction headphones can prove to be a good option for those who need to manage and eliminate as well as cancel unwanted sounds and noises. Active noise reduction technologies are generally misunderstood because most people are not really sure about how such technology works.

Active Noise Reduction Headphones

Noise reduction headphones – common misconceptions

A common misconception about active noise reduction headphones is that they work by making use of insulation materials such as cotton and in this way help to reduce outside noise. However, active noise reduction headphones do not quite work like this as there is much more to reducing noise than using such simple means.

Active noise reduction headphones work on total coverage of the best noise reduction methods and techniques and use gadgets that help in lowering sound sufficiently to block out unwanted ambient noise.


ScreenBeat active noise reduction headphones are available for a price of about forty pounds. These headphones feature the best in noise reduction and noise cancelation technologies and will also enhance listening pleasure- even in a noisy environment. These headphones have been found to be very effective at removing low frequency noises such as the noise made by a jet engine. In addition, these active noise reduction headphones make listening to soft music on a flight or on a train very pleasurable as they can eliminate buzzing sounds or background noises.

The technology that goes into such active noise reduction headphones ensure that an equal though opposite waveform is created to the noise that is to be reduced or eliminated. In this way, unwanted sounds are blocked. These active noise reduction headphones are very comfortable and are available in over the ear style and there is good volume control as well.

Goldring NS1000

The Goldring NS1000 active noise reduction headphones are available for a discount price of approximately eighty-five pounds inclusive of VAT. These headphones come to you from Goldring that is known for its quality products. These headphones make use of the most advanced noise reduction technologies and in this way unwanted sounds are attenuated which means that the wearer will get to hear only the sounds that they wish to hear.

Goldring NS1000 active noise reduction headphones have been given full marks by What Hi-Fi Magazine and this is because these headphones make use of the best active noise reduction technologies and because they are also ultra-comfortable and delivers superior high fidelity reproduction.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B

Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B active noise reduction headphones are priced quite high and typically will cost you about 132.40 pounds. They can prove to be very useful for those people that are flying on long routes. These headphones will ensure that you can listen to in-flight entertainment without being distracted or disturbed by outside noises. The ANC7B QuietPoint is an excellent option and can be used with CD players, DVD players and MP3 players and any kind of Apple system.