Passive Noise Reduction Headphones

Passive noise reduction headphones are able to remove external noises that would otherwise disturb the wearer of the headphones. In doing so, these headphones are able to ensure that the wearer will get to listen more clearly and easily to audio sounds including music. If you choose to buy passive noise reduction headphones which fit in the ear, these kinds of headphones will succeed in reducing outside noise with the help of gel tips that act as seals that in turn will prevent outside noises from being heard in the ear canal.

Passive noise reduction headphones

Noise reduction headphones –special foam and padding

If you choose to use passive noise reduction headphones which fit around the outside part of your ears, then use is made of certain special foam as well as padding that help in blocking the outside noises and in doing so is able to create a much quieter environment in the ear. Active noise reduction involves using separate and complicated system in which sound waves are sent out in order to cancel out external sounds.

Two main options

However, when choosing noise reduction headphones there are two main options available to you and these are passive noise reduction headphones and active noise reduction headphones. Both types are able to cut out noises from the outside and will create a quieter listening environment. Passive noise reduction headphones achieve their objective through blocking the sounds from entering your ear canal. When choosing passive noise reduction headphones you will come across various types and styles. However, each works on the same set of basic principles.

In-Ear Passive noise reduction

The in-ear passive noise reduction headphones are those which make use of the gel tips that are specially made with a view to creating passive noise reduction seals which block out sounds and do not let them enter the ear canal. They create barriers through which outside noise is not able to penetrate. Since the ear canal of one person is going to be of a different size to that of another, the gel tips being used have to be of different sizes. Only a gel tip of the right size will be effective in blocking out the outside sounds.

You can also choose around the ear passive noise reduction headphones. These headphones achieve the noise reduction through use of dense material that is used in large amounts and which is placed between the ears and the world outside. If you pick headphones that are larger in size, then the material used in the headphones will also be quite considerable. Densely constructed foam is the most common type of material used though some makers of passive noise reduction headphones prefer using ring padding which creates a seal of sorts that will block sounds from entering the ears.

Passive noise reduction headphones are mainly used to ensure that sound can be heard with utmost clarity and there are certain environments in which such headphones have to be used. This is because these headphones are able to block sharp and sudden sounds and in this way will help the wearer hear well. Airlines often provide their passengers with passive noise reduction headphones as these headphones have been found to be capable of providing superior in-flight entertainment.